Freestate Partners is one of the few fully independent Asset Management company providing a wide range of services in the Real Estate and Loan market towards investors operating in Europe. Freestate Partners can manage the full cycle of the investment but can also tailor its mission to specific scope of work :

Acquisition & Disposal Management

Buy & Sale

Investment, Portfolio and Asset management

Lease Up

Well positioned and well known in the France, Italy, Belgium office markets, having good connections with almost all the active brokers in the market;

FreeState has secured a number of strategic partnerships with local providers (property managers, architects, developers) across Europe, with a focus on France, Italy, Belgium and Spain. When needed, FreeState has hired dedicated Asset Managers.;

Since 2015 a total of 45 000 sqm of leases signed, divided over 40 deals, bringing the occupancy from 71% to 92% with an average secured lease duration equal to 7 years;

Capital Expenditures

Established relationship with Architectural & Engineering firms to implement Strategic capital expenditures programs;

Also established relationships with Municipalities in France and Italy and Spain to “unlock” value by obtaining critical construction permits;

Freestate Partners provides its range of services with the support of :